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Vacuum Infusion Process


What is a Vacuum Infusion Process?
Vacuum Infusion Process is a technique that uses vacuum pressure to drive resin into a laminate. Dry reinforcement, delamination cloth, netting to improve the flow of the resin is placed into a mold with previously applied gelcoat. Then the material prepared in this way is put into a tightly closed vacuum bag and creates a vacuum and sucks into a resin, which evenly seeps the reinforcement. It is one of the most advanced technologies of composite production methods. It allows to obtain the highest quality laminates.

Benefits of Vacuum Infusion
Vacuum infusion allows for an better fiber-to-resin ratio. The composite created in this technology has very good mechanical properties and eliminates the so called “soft air voids” that arise during lamination. Compared to traditional hand lay-up, this technology speeds up the production process by simultaneously seeping several layers of reinforcement and increases the efficiency of the resin used by maintaining an optimal fibre/resin ratio.