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Why work with Nawi Solutions?

NAWI Solutions is a well-organized company, flexible in operation and most importantly - guaranteeing timely order execution and delivery, meeting all the requirements set by the client, both technical and quality. The class of our company is demonstrated by many years of experience in processing chemo setting composites and fully qualified staff. Our employees are real professionals, dedicated professionals from the industry, with many years of experience characterized by the ease of establishing contacts with clients, which largely affects the fact that NAWI Solutions deserves trust.

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Machining center

5-axis CNC machining center with ranges: X- 3000 mm, Y- 4000 mm, Z- 900 mm with a vacuum table equipped with a vacuum pump of the German company Becker. The 5D milling machine enables us to make large-size models for thermoforming, laminating or casting. The use of a scanning touch probe allows the introduction of the shape of the cut moulded part by nature. Due to the unique system of dynamic vector analysis control, we have the ability to make single-use foamed polystyrene models. The use of an automatic tool change system reduces project execution time.

TF SmartLine 600 PLUS Vacuum Thermomformer

In our machine park we have a TF SMARTLINE 600 PLUS VACUUM THERMOMFORMER with a sheet material feeder with a maximum working area of 3000 x 2000 mm.

Modern technological solutions applied in our thermoforming machine enable us to perform: fast, repeatable and continuous work.
The main advantages are:
- the distance between the table and the lower furnace is up to 800mm,
- heating zones divided into regions with individual temperature control,
- positioning of the table and the frame pressing the material,
- material support during warm-up,
- positive and negative material blowing,
- usage of servo drives,
- a built-in pyrometer,
- automatic plastic feeder with receipt of the finished moulding.

Industrial gate plotter

Movement range X- 1600 mm, Y- 3100mm, Z-300mm with a vacuum table equipped with a German Becker vacuum pump. The device has been designed as a platform for machines, machining by cutting in at least three axes. The machining center combines the functions of a milling machine, lathe, drill, threader, cutting device.

Spray painting booth - drying room

In our machine park we have two painting and drying cabins with dimensions of: L-7m, W-4m, H-3.5m and L - 4.5m, W - 4m, H - 3.5m. These devices are intended for applying varnish coatings on various types of surfaces, using spraying devices, which use both water-borne and conventional varnishes. In booths, you can also carry out the drying or hardening process of the varnish coat.