About us


NAWI Solutions is a leader in laminate products - we guarantee timely execution and delivery, while meeting all technical and quality requirements, set by the client. We make the necessary elements in the fields of: railway, automotive, water equipment, energy and aviation, agricultural and construction machines, public transport, medical industry, swimming pools and many others.

We are ready to cooperate in the production of laminates as a subcontractor for each industry. Implementation based on the submitted technical documentation includes: models, molds, end elements armed with metal inserts, varnishing. We pack and deliver the finished product to the customer.

We offer punctuality, reliability, commitment and partnership for each of our clients. Due to our activities, due to our actions, we do not stand still, but rather climb upwards and open up to other market segments!!

We currently have 4 production plants and 3 employee hotels at our production plants, which together provide 670 beds.